Fiori Implementation

The implementation possibilities of Fiori applications are as flexible as their deployment options. Fiori can be deployed in a variety of ways across your organization - cloud, on-premise, single or multiple back-end systems, partner and customer deployment, or purely just internal use.

However, this multitude of different approaches and deployment variants does not simplify the decision-making process. The decision for a deployment variant depends heavily on the existing infrastructure and the purpose of the Fiori apps. Each deployment type offers its own advantages in certain application areas, in terms of security or the way it is managed.

The diagrams below provide an insight into the deployment variants that must be fundamentally differentiated for on-premise backend systems. In the real environment, a combination of the variants can often be advantageous.

On-Premise – Embedded

The Fiori application is deployed directly in the on-premise system. With this deployment variant, a separate Fiori launchpad & user interface content is managed for each back-end system.

On-Premise – Central Gateway

The Fiori application is deployed and operated in the on-premise gateway hub. Different systems can be used as backend.

Fiori Cloud – Embedded Gateway

The Fiori application is delivered through the SAP Cloud Platform portal. Various systems can also be used as backend.

Fiori Cloud – Central Gateway

The Fiori application is delivered through the SAP Cloud Platform portal. Various systems can also be used as backend.

This example only shows a selection of the many deployment variants. In order to find a solution that meets your requirements and is adapted to your existing system landscape, we would be happy to support you in your decision with our experience from various implementation projects.


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