CPO Roundtable Shanghai | Remodeling & Reinvention - Agile Procurement under the New Normal

- China Standard Time (CST)

Shangri-La Hotel (Jing’an district, Shanghai, China)

2020 is destined to be unusual. Changes in the economic environment, regulations, and changes in consumer demand caused by global epidemics and geopolitical conflicts brought huge challenges to the supply chain, which also poses challenges to procurement leaders. With the in-depth application of digital technology, companies have long demanded more than just cost savings for procurement professionals. They need to play a more important role in promoting business flexibility and agility.

New risks bring new opportunities, and there is no doubt that digital technology is changing the way goods and services are purchased, tracked, delivered, and managed. Remodeling and reinvention now is the time to reflect on the impact of procurement onbusiness; it is also time to make full use of the power of technology and innovation to embrace agility and build a resilient procurement supply chain under the New Normal.
We sincerely invite you to participate in the CPO Roundtable Remodeling & Reinvention - Agile Procurement under the New Normal to be held in Shanghai on September 3, 2020 and jointly organized by apsolut China and SAP Ariba. Share your insights on corporate procurement control and expenditure management with colleagues in the industry and experts in the digital transformation of the procurement supply chain, and work with guests from all walks of life to draw a new blueprint for post-epidemic development.

The event is presented by SAP and apsolut and will feature five expert session and a panel discussion, followed by a business dinner.

Registration method

This event has limited seats and is only open to invited people. Maximum 2 participants for each company. If you are interested in this event, please send an email to ariba_china@ap-solut.com before 1st September 2020 to register. We will review the registration based on relevance of business, and you will then receive a confirmation email.

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