A new home for the apsolut team in Switzerland

apsolut has moved into new offices in Winterthur

The apsolut team in Switzerland is used to flexible working. The employees live in different cities and mostly work together remotely from their home offices. "But last year we discussed that it was time to come together more often," explains Remo Eggimann, Manager at apsolut Switzerland. "Winterthur was the obvious location because it is easily accessible for many team members."

The premises in the centre of Winterthur offer four fully equipped workstations and a meeting room. However, apsolut will continue to have no policy for mandatory presence in the office. Employees will continue to work at the location that best suits their needs. This means that apsolut employees in Switzerland remain fully flexible in their work-life planning and at the same time have a common point of contact to coordinate with colleagues at all times.


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A new home for the apsolut team in Switzerland

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