apsolut remains on a stable growth course

Growth both in the European core countries and in new markets

With a growth in turnover of around 27 percent, apsolut achieves a turnover of almost 30 million euros in the completed financial year 2021. The group of companies is thus celebrating the highest turnover in its 17-year history. Along with the turnover, the number of global employees also increased by around 20 percent to 350 compared to the previous year.

According to Thomas Herbst, Managing Director and founder of apsolut, the fact that this result was achieved despite the difficult overall economic situation in the midst of the Corona pandemic is only surprising at first glance: "We have provided the right answers to our customers' problems. Global supply chains are still very much affected by the pandemic, wars like the current one in Ukraine and the resulting production and transport bottlenecks. With our support, procurement organisations can more easily find alternative procurement channels and unleash efficiency potential. In addition, our global growth strategy is continuing as planned."

With the expansion mentioned, Herbst refers on the one hand to the new apsolut subsidiaries in Warsaw, Prague, Paris and Dubai. In all four metropolises, apsolut created new sales and consulting organisations around the turn of the year. The first local projects were won in France as well as in Eastern Europe and the Gulf Region. On the other hand, projects from other regions of the world had a positive effect on the result. For example, apsolut was able to win new cooperation partners in South America and Australia in order to offer its know-how as a co-innovator of SAP in these regions as well.

For the current year 2022, the group is aiming for similar increases in turnover and employees, percentage wise.

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apsolut remains on a stable growth course