The Small Bidding app: the smart way to contract awards

The following scenario is likely to be familiar to every buyer: an employee needs something, but there is no optimal supplier known for it. This requires finding a supplier for this need. This can be done in the form of a tender, among other things. In the SAP environment, tenders can be implemented with the support of different systems:

  • SAP SRM Bidding
  • SAP Ariba
  • Connection of third-party tools to SAP SRM

Small price inquiry - offer comparison - award

In addition to the actual coverage of a specific need, these systems often also offer additional functionalities, such as the negotiation of framework agreements or the integration of subsequent tasks into the tender. However, if the buyer only wants to meet the actual need, the apsolut Small Bidding app is the optimal solution. Small bidding allows buyers to create a small price request, to directly compare the offers received, and to award the contract to the appropriate bidder. No additional modules or systems are required beyond the SAP SRM System.

How does Small Bidding work?

It’s very easy: the buyer selects the appropriate request items, selects the appropriate suppliers, including CPD suppliers, and determines the submission deadline for the tenders. Based on this data, an Adobe Interactive Form is generated in the background and sent to the previously selected suppliers via email. The suppliers can submit their bid in this form and send it back to the buyer via the “Send” button. The returned bids are made available to the buyer in the system, which allows the buyer to make a decision by comparing the bids. By accepting the preferred bid, the items are allocated to the supplier. The solution module is available for Web Dynpro and SAP SRM UI5 shopping carts.

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