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Thomas Herbst, General Manager and Founder (1. from the right)

Thomas Herbst, a Graduate Industrial Engineer from the University of Applied Sciences in Esslingen, worked as a Professional Services consultant at Hewlett Packard for six years. During this time, he conducted various projects for well-known international customers, all of which focused on the use of appropriate SAP-based IT solutions to optimize procurement/materials management.

Following his move to Heiler Software AG, Thomas Herbst established a highly-qualified consulting team that specialized in implementation projects pertaining to SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM). He later assumed responsibility for the entire consulting area.

In early 2005, together with Tim Kollmeier, he co-founded apsolut GmbH, which was the first consulting company to focus solely on SAP-eProcurement solutions and, by doing so, acquired very successful international customers.

Tim Kollmeier, Advisor and Founder (2. from the right)

Tim Kollmeier, a Graduate Business Data Processing Specialist (BA), completed a dual program of study at the University of Cooperative Education in Mannheim and IBM, and acquired experience in the field of SAP-Logistics while working on international customer projects at debis. Following his move to itelligence, he assumed responsibility for SAP SRM and implemented the company's first SAP SRM (B2B) projects in 2000.

Since then, he has remained faithful to this field of expertise and can now boast over 15 years of SAP SRM experience in various national/international projects and different industries. For two years at Heiler Software AG, he was also responsible for expanding the SAP SRM business fields in Northern Germany and Northern Europe.

Michael Seehrich, Member of the Management Board (1. from the left)

Michael Seehrich has a business administration background with a wealth of experience and expertise in SAP project and consultancy operations. In the sales and marketing domain, in particular, Michael has also held numerous leadership positions within Sales & Marketing at Computacenter, Lynx-Consulting AG and the auditing firm Deloitte & Touche.

Over the last five years, he has been working as Chief Executive Officer with Lynx-Consulting GmbH in Bielefeld, bearing overall responsibility for the following divisions: Consultancy, Sales, Marketing, Finance, IT and Human Resources.

In his capacity as Senior Partner and Member of the Executive Board of apsolut Group, he is overseeing the Group’s Sales and Marketing divisions, as well as our new business unit S/4HANA Consulting.

Jean-Paul Wehrens, Member of the Management Board (2. from the left)

Jean-Paul Wehrens, M.Sc. (IB), entered the world of consulting in 2001 after graduating from the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands. During his time at Hewlett Packard GmbH, he served as a project manager for a number of recognized companies on both national and international projects with a focus on SAP procurement processes. In 2005, he progressed to the role of Account Program Manager (EMEA) in HP's Managed Services business area.

In July 2007, Mr. Wehrens joined apsolut GmbH and took over the management of SAP SRM process consulting. From 2009 to the end of 2010, he focused on developing the strategic aspect of SAP SRM.

In the period 2011-2016, Mr. Wehrens was promoted to the role of partner for the strategic SAP consulting business, and successfully expanded it as well as the related structures, partnerships and networks internationally.

Since the beginning of 2017, Mr. Wehrens has been appointed as a Senior Partner and Member of the Executive Board for the strategic consulting business in the Cloud & On Premise environment worldwide.

Jürgen West, Member of the Management Board (centre)

Jürgen West is a business administration graduate, who worked in a management capacity (as a company officer with power of attorney) in the tourism industry until 2000. He then changed course, and devoted himself to web programming and SAP application programming. This new direction took him firstly to the University Hospital of Münster, where he assumed the role of in-house consultant and developer, working on the internal SAP SRM system. In this role, he was responsible for the enhancement and rollout of the system to the peripheral areas of the hospital and the labs.

Jürgen West joined apsolut GmbH at the start of 2006. In his new role, he worked with various SRM versions and took on a variety of development tasks. He was the driving force behind the establishment of a framework for SAP SRM development, which has proven essential to efficient implementations in customer systems.

In July 2010, Jürgen West took over as head of SAP SRM development at apsolut GmbH. In January 2011, he became Head of the entire Development department of apsolut Group as a Partner.

As a Senior Partner since the beginning of 2017, Mr. West has been responsible for the coordination and structured processing of all internal and external requirements within his area as well as the area of support. Mr. West integrates the activities of the Development Department with the overall corporate objectives.


Management India

Managing Director:
Paparao Madasu

Paparao Madasu, Managing Director of apsolut Software India Pvt. Ltd.

Paparao Madasu, an Industrial and Production Engineer, was born and brought-up in India. Mr. Madasu’s passion for high-end cars has drawn him to Germany, where he completed his Post-Graduation from Technical University of Berlin with specialization in Logistics & Supply Chain Management. Thereafter, he worked in Germany as an SAP® SRM-Consultant with various clients from variety of industries and emerged into an SAP SRM-Solution Expert at apsolut.

With his international exposure from various industries, Mr. Madasu has taken apsolut to India in 2009 and with a vision to expand company’s global operations. He has built a well-established offshore infrastructure and developed a strong SAP® SRM-team in India, in-line with the global strategies of apsolut group.

Mr. Madasu is currently managing operations of apsolut in both Asia and African continents.


Management Spain

Managing Director of apsolut Spain SL:
Adi Abu-Taha Zitawi

Adi Abu-Taha Zitawi, Managing Director of apsolut Spain SL

Adi Abu-Taha Zitawi finished his British secondary school studies at the early age of 16 to graduate as a Software Engineer three years later in ESI Granada. He then started his career as an ABAP developer in Accenture SAP-solutions, acquiring extensive experience in a number of implementations, upgrades and roll outs of SAP-solutions running on SAP ECC and SAP SRM.

It was six years later that he left the company to become a freelance consultant specializing in the SAP SRM-module, thus obtaining the SAP SRM 7.0 Application Associate certificate.

In mid-2012, together with Thomas Herbst and Tim Kollmeier, he co-founded apsolut Spain SL., therefore creating one of the five main subsidiaries of apsolut GmbH. His more than 10 years’ experience with SAP, as well as his multilingual communication skills in English, Spanish, Arabic and French, allow both Mr. Zitawi and his team based in Spain to provide SAP-eProcurement solutions in Spain, Europe and North Africa.


Management United Kingdom

General Manager:
Zayd Mauthoor

Zayd Mauthoor, Managing Director of apsolut UK Ltd.

Zayd Mauthoor, a Graduate in Business Management, Languages and Literature (BA), completed his degree from the University of Normandy in France. He now has over 10 years of international experience in the field of Project Management, Purchasing, P2P & SAP-eProcurement having started his career at Caversham in 2002. Whilst there, he had his first exposure to eProcurement including SAP Ariba and SAP. From there he moved on to Cattles Group and spent the next few years holding various positions with the following functions, Project Manager, National Accounts Manager, P2P & Finance. Since then, Mr. Mauthoor has gained further excellent management experience at H2 having managed and trained teams of up to 25 focusing on the eProcurement market.

In 2012, Mr. Mauthoor was hired as General Manager at apsolut UK, and his role includes managing the UK Operations as well as leading Pre-sales activities and Consulting in the areas of SAP SRM and SAP®-eProcurement.


Management China

General Manager:
Bo Su

Bo Su, Managing Director of apsolut China CO., LTD.

Bo Su graduated in Computer Sciences, started his university career in Tianjin, China, and later went to Stuttgart, Germany in July 2008 to keep on studying over there. It is since October 2008 that Mr. Su has gained interbranch experience with SAP, namely with numerous projects at apsolut concerning international customer projects. Being responsible for the area ABAP development and the customizing of applications, he carried out many SAP SRM (B2B) projects as a team leader.

He became part of apsolut's management board in April 2013 and now is apsolut's director in China since May 2014. He is not only managing the business in China, but also activities in the sales area as well as electronic purchase based on SAP and SAP Ariba.


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