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The best marketing is the recommandation of our satisfied customers. In our world, glutted with commercials (nowadays more than ever), the recommandations of our satisfied customers are the best and most convincing reference. Go on reading parts of some of our success stories!

apsolut Success Story: Atlas Elektronik GmbH

Modernised SAP Supplier Relationship Management within Atlas Elektronik GmbH - SAP SRM update as a Security Policy

Technik+Einkauf 06/2014

The optimisation of procurement processes is a key tool in enabling a company to successfully position itself within global markets. Atlas made use of the project in order to take into account the increased security requirements related to the procurement of highly-sensitive materials and services. This upgrade was also supported by apsolut.

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apsolut Success Story: Reemtsma

Transparency is supreme imperative – Reemtsma modernizes purchase organization with SAP SRM 7.0

Technik+Einkauf 02/2013

Transparency regarding the contact with business partners is considered one of Reemtsma's most important principles. With the implementation of new purchasing processes based on SAP Supplier Relationship Management 7.0 (SAP SRM 7.0) Germany's second biggest tobacco company consequently follows this principle also when purchasing indirect materials.

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apsolut Success Story: eSolutions

Position of purchase significantly strengthened

eSolutions Report 2013

Seeking a global purchase solution, Roche Diagnostics opted for SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM) and the apsolut corporation, a company focusing on electronic purchasing processes and a longtime SAP-implementation partner.

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apsolut Success Story: E-3 Magazin

Company-wide purchase

e-3 Magazin 10/2012

Continental is preparing its company-wide purchase for the future: A SAP Supplier Relationship Management Project (SAP SRM) on a large scale ensures that the central SAP-purchase platform is technically up-to-date.

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apsolut Success Story: Beschaffung aktuell

The Power of integrated purchase processes

Beschaffung aktuell 02/2012

The integration of different manufacturing stages is a central factor of success for Stora Enso – from the own forest holding to the production of packaging materials. Now the finish wood and paper company also places emphasis on world-wide integration by using the latest version of SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM 7.0) and thus replacing the existent heterogeneous system landscape.

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