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Are you ready for SAP in the SME setting? All the benefits of Ariba, tailored to your needs.

What is SAP Ariba Snap?

SAP Ariba Snap is a cloud-based digital procurement system. SAP Ariba Snap facilitates the virtual collaboration between purchaser and supplier. Technically speaking, SAP Ariba Snap is based on the same system as the original SAP Ariba, but is primarily aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises. The system was developed so that small and medium-sized enterprises too can access the SAP Digital Supplier Network.

With SAP Ariba Snap, you can digitize and automate all the steps in the procurement process, relieving your purchasers of manual tasks.

What can Ariba Snap do?

SAP Ariba Snap gives you an overview of all your expenditure in real time, offering flexibility in terms of managing vendors, costs, budgets and other processes. SAP Ariba Snap means you can monitor your cash flow and apply your resources more efficiently. It allows you to conduct price negotiations automatically, directly allocate job orders within the system, and adjust and apply supplier discounts and rebates based on prior data.

SAP Ariba Snap offers you, as a small or medium-sized enterprise, all the benefits of the supplier network without overloading you with features that are irrelevant to you.

System benefits

SAP Ariba Snap brings numerous benefits:

Enhanced access and ties to vendors, meaning better relations with them, too

Overview of expenditure, cash flow, supplier information – easier compliance with policies and greater efficiency and savings

Access to the SAP Supplier Network

Digitization and automation of routine tasks

Customised user interface with little training requirement

Pre-configured best practice workflows

Monitoring and analysis of trading processes

Guided buying for optimised handling of purchases

Sector templates for reduced time-to-value

Integration of ERP system with SAP Ariba Snap

Management of processes internally and with suppliers

Compatibility with other networks and support of standard invoice file formats

Why choose SAP Ariba Snap?

Having SAP Ariba Snap simplifies your access to suppliers as well as pricing.

The application is designed for fast, automated implementation with reduced runtimes, and it reduces the overconsumption of resources through its transparent display of all processes. In summary, SAP Ariba Snap offers all the functionalities that make for a solution-focussed, forward-looking procurement process.

How SAP Ariba Snap will assist your procurement

The bulk of business expenditure arises in strategic purchasing. SAP Ariba Snap comes with an extensive catalogue system for the optimum management of this expenditure. As a business, you will be able to access supplier catalogues where you can directly submit your purchase orders. The submitted purchase orders are automatically integrated into the internal system. In terms of your tactical purchasing, the system will support you with tenders and the allocation of suitable suppliers. Further forms are available to assist you in organising other types of expenditure. The system’s simple operation and user-friendliness mean that implementation projects can be realised speedily and save you costs.

Improvements made by the system

SAP Ariba Snap offers several templates and best practice recommendations to make the automation process simpler for you. It provides an overview of all processes so that you can analyse and adapt your procurement procedures at any time.

Why should you work with SAP Ariba Snap?

SAP Ariba Snap is the largest digital procurement network. It allows you to build your supplier base, compare suppliers, obtain quotations and view your data in an organised and structured manner.

Interesse an SAP Ariba Snap?

Interesse an SAP Ariba Snap?

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