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SAP Fieldglass is a cloud-based solution for your external workforce.

There has been a trend for procuring knowledge and personnel externally for some years now. But where do you find these external workers and how can you subsequently manage them? These are precisely the tasks that SAP Fieldglass helps with:

  • finding external staff
  • managing them efficiently
  • and subsequently paying them under the terms of their contract

Use SAP Fieldglass for your external workforce planning and manage work contracts and service contracts, employee leasing and temporary work in an easy and uncomplicated manner. You will be able to find and manage external consultants and freelancers with equal ease. The integrated access to talent pools contributes to ideal workforce planning.

Benefits offered by SAP Fieldglass

  • Find the right person with the appropriate qualifications for the right time and at the best price
  • Ensure the health & safety of your external personnel
  • Map an efficient and seamlessly integrated recruitment process for all external personnel
  • Create transparency with respect to all expenditure for external personnel, thus reducing the associated cost
  • Fulfil the compliance requirements: maximum leasing period, individual employee leasing contracts, equal pay

Range of SAP Fieldglass services

As the dependence on external personnel increases, companies need to adjust their external talent management strategies, be it with respect to temporary personnel, freelancers or the procurement of services. Choose one external management solution that offers it all! We will work with you to devise the best external workforce strategy to produce good business outcomes in the digital economy with agility and speed. You can see the range of our services in the graphic below. Further information on the services and options we offer is provided further down.

Advisory & Consultancy

The most important element of successful workforce planning is never the tool but the processes. Consequently, we do not only offer the implementation of SAP Fieldglass itself, but in addition extensive consultancy in order to identify the optimum solution for your company. In a second step, this will result in a clear action plan, which we can then use jointly for the implementation, culminating in the efficient operation of your “external workforce”.

Deployment & Integration

The deployment will be based on the best process design. We apply agile implementation methods aimed at achieving benefits early on. The system implementation will involve the optimum solution being embedded in your entire source-to-pay process, enabling you to gain deep insights into the categories of the external personnel and services. Manual process steps will be eliminated, automated or standardised as much as possible and mapped in an integrated workflow. SAP Fieldglass can be operated as a separate system or integrated fully into your ERP landscape.

Evolve & Innovate

We can also analyse an SAP Fieldglass system that you already operate and optimise existing processes.

  • Which program enhancements or automation possibilities may be useful?
  • Are there any additional cost savings that can be realised?
  • Are there any further features for important business processes that can be implemented?

Conduct a maturity assessment of your program and make sure that you follow the strategy of digital change.

Operational Management

For the purposes of operational management, apsolut offers an in-house Solution Management Service. We can provide you with tailormade service packages to match your budget and your wishes. You will have a central contact that you can turn to at any time.

SAP Fieldglass Starter Kits

SAP Fieldglass Starter Kits

The recent months – actually, we must say years – have been shaky with a pandemic, geopolitical turmoil, the blockage of the Suez Canal and so on. The resulting fluctuations are unexpected, wild and erratic. The finding that ‘disruption mode’ is the new economic normal, is no rocket science!


How to revolutionise your external workforce management with SAP Fieldglass and apsolut

Benefits to you:

  • Faster processes through automation
  • Improved visibility of hours worked, services provided, expenditure and assigned external personnel
  • Intelligent processing and operational efficiency through predefined workflows and automated creation of purchase orders, confirmations and invoices
  • Enhanced observance of compliance requirements and terms of contract, on/offboarding criteria and the “right to work”
  • Opportunity to gain insights into data for better decision-making and generation of value added

In matters relating to the external workforce, we offer an extensive portfolio of services suitable for businesses of any size. Whether you wish to improve or expand an existing program, evaluate innovation options or implement a solution from scratch. We will definitely find the right tailormade option for you, based on our experience and your requirements.

What will this mean for you?

  • Improved transparency
  • Risk reduction
  • Process efficiency
  • Cost management & cost reduction
  • Improved quality
  • Faster recruitment
  • Integration and utilisation of new channels, such as talent platforms, the gig economy
  • Digitisation of the entire statement of work process
  • A cross-functional process integrated into your system landscape (Procure2Pay, HR systems, workflow systems and much besides)
External Workforce Management Health Check
External Workforce Management Health Check

Would you like to start making the performance of your external workforce measurable? Gaining an overview of external personnel? Being able to manage system access events and assets in a traceable and secure way?

That’s precisely what the External Workforce Health Check will give you. If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will then discuss possible options and courses of action with you.

More details on Health Check

SAP Fieldglass Demo
SAP Fieldglass Demo

Do you have any concrete questions about SAP Fieldglass and wish to see the system ‘from the inside’?

If so, request a demo and one of our Fieldglass experts will contact you within a few days to make an appointment.

Request demo

Your personal apsolut contact

Your personal apsolut contact

Erika Thier
Erika Thier
Partner External Workforce Management




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