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Value Streams

Our Value Streams continuously increase the ROI of your existing IT structures. The following building blocks are based on our many years of experience, active listening and teamwork at eye level.

Supplier Enablement

Your Challenge: The supplier must be introduced to the new system - an ongoing process that puts a strain on internal resources.

Our Solution: apsolut supports you with many years of know-how, short routes to the provider and also to suppliers in maintaining the new supplier database.


Catalogue Enablement & Maintenance

Your Challenge: Not all suppliers use the same standard for catalogue management. Some use their own databases (Excel or BMEcat) with their own data structure. This can lead to additional work on both sides.

Our Solution: apsolut supports you in migrating catalogues into the format that suits the target system.


Release Management

Your Challenge: Especially in the world of cloud-based solutions, release management is taking on a different role. New releases cannot be influenced in terms of time, and documentation on new functions is very extensive and in some cases cannot be found centrally, which can lead to increased effort and unplanned changes.

Our Solution: From the totality of all contents of a new release, we filter out the new functions and potential improvements and point out individual recommendations for action. Tailor-made and target-oriented.


Competence Coaching & Enablement

Your Challenge: Employees are not yet trained for the new system or need a refreshment of their know-how.

Our Solution: We support the customer's team in all instances to build up and secure know-how autonomously. We follow the coaching approach of looking at current issues together with the customer and letting the customer experience the process of finding the solution through us. In this way, we coach them to find the solution independently the next time.


Solution Extension Service

Your Challenge: On closer inspection, the incident turns out to be a task that cannot be handled with available resources.

Our Solution: apsolut offers development services that go beyond the standard. Example: In SAP Ariba, the configuration options in the approval workflow are not sufficient to map a process. apsolut has its own developed products as well as the know-how around individually developed solutions to reduce such whitespots.


Your personal Contacts

Your personal apsolut contact

Meike Lagarde
Meike Lagarde
Associate Partner

Your personal apsolut contact

Paparao Madasu
Paparao Madasu
Managing Director apsolut India




Webinar in cooperation with SAP: Ensure Compliance with the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG) in your company and your Supply Chain

Learn in this webinar from SAP and apsolut how you can map the requirements of the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG) with SAP solutions and integrate them into your existing procurement processes. Get exclusive insights into planned solution scenarios and into the experiences of the household appliance manufacturer Vorwerk, which is currently in the process of implementing a solution to meet the LkSG requirements.

Language: English

2023-01-24 Online

Webinar in cooperation with SAP: Ensure Compliance with the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG) in your company and your Supply Chain


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