Basically, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can be explained simply in one sentence: Bots - small program routines - take over repetitive tasks and activities.

For example, suppose you need to transfer master data from 2,000 data records to an SAP ERP. This task can either be performed manually by a specialist - or a specially trained bot take it over.

What advantages does RPA offer?


RPA automates repetitive manual tasks and allows people to focus on more valuable tasks


Bots can run around the clock and allow tasks to be run in parallel - resulting in efficiency gains


Because bots adhere strictly to the rules, RPA can improve compliance and assist in the documentation of audit trails


When processes are automatically executed by bots, the number of human errors can be reduced

The tasks of bots responsible for RPA can basically be divided into three fields:

Digital Assistant - Attended Bot

  • Partially automated process
  • Bots work together with users
  • The execution is triggered by the user
  • Used on workstations

Digital Worker - Unattended Bot

  • Fully automated process
  • Robots work autonomously, under human supervision
  • The execution is triggered by a schedule or trigger
  • Used on servers or virtualized workstations

Interface Substitution

  • RPA can also be used as an interface replacement between two systems if there is no standard interface for them or if it cannot be used
  • An example: the connection of an SAP S/4HANA system with another third party system
  • In such a case, RPA can be a more cost-effective alternative to in-house development
  • RPA is often used for data migrations or temporary interfaces
  • In our presentation you will find a further overview of possible applications

Why (SAP) RPA with apsolut?

Without the appropriate knowledge of important processes, the use of RPA can also lead to the fact that goals such as time savings or increased efficiency are not being achieved. It is therefore extremely important to take a close look at and evaluate the individual processes required.

apsolut has years of experience in dealing with processes from the eProcurement environment. In advance analyses and workshops, we work with our customers to determine where and how it makes sense to use RPA in individual processes and subprocesses, and develop concepts for automating them.

The combination of experience and the sustainability of our services creates a basis for expansions, which enables a smooth use of additional functionalities such as AI or more complex process chains for our customers.

How we work

Beyond RPA - a look over the horizon and into the future

Individual bots always act in a well-defined area of application for a specific task. Often, however, the vision of a generic Enterprise Assistant is mentioned. This vision can be made a reality with the RPA and CAI solutions. Here we make use of the effects of scale. In this case, the totality of the individual CAI and RPA bots results in the Enterprise Assistant (EA). Here, the EA acts as library and framework for the individual bots and provides guidelines for development. Using the modular principle, different parts can then be reused in the development process, and individual new bots can be quickly connected to the EA. Contact us to learn more about how to develop your bots into an EA.

By using Artificial Intelligence (AI), bots could also be enabled to evolve in a self-learning manner. The goal could then be that bots in a self-learning system understand themselves which tasks have to be done and how they can be solved to the satisfaction of the client. In this way, process chains in the company will be continuously optimized fully automatically. And this is done using proven systems.

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