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What is Conversational Artificial Intelligence (CAI)?

CAI also may be known in common language as chatbot. A service that is becoming more and more widespread and used both in B2C and B2B business. A simple example: I'm looking for a new recipe and the bot of a corresponding site chats with me about it and delivers a result tailored to my personal preferences in a playful way.

This mechanism can also be applied to procurement processes within the SAP ecosystem. Here you can see a graphical representation of a process that shows a conversation between a procurement employee and a chatbot and the subprocesses that follow:

What exactly is SAP CAI?

SAP CAI is a completely cloud based Chatbot framework which consists of an NLP Engine, a graphical Bot Builder and a Bot Connector to connect bots to various external deployment channels such as Teams, Alexa etc. And it is now deployed on the SAP Cloud Platform so it is completely integrated into you SAP ERP ecosystem.

Copilot is now part of SAP CAI and serves as central Bot-UI natively integrated into various SAP systems. Every CAI-Bot can be deployed to Copilot.

Why to use CAI?

  • Natural Language: The unique feature of a Chatbot is its capability to communicate with the user in natural language, either in spoken or written form. For us humans it is the most natural and easiest way to express our wishes.
  • No training required: Messenger apps like WhatsApp are becoming more and more popular. Chatbots & assistants are working with the same interface. They are easy to understand. That is in stark contract to the often complex UI of the services they are connecting the user to. By having more and more business applications connected to your Digital Assistant, it becomes the modern version of an Enterprise Portal, without the need for training
  • Accessible almost everywhere: By connecting your bot to multiple deployment channels like Webchat, Teams, Alexa, Messengers or your own app, it becomes accessible from almost everywhere at any time.

Why to choose SAP CAI Solutions by apsolut?

  • There are a lot of Conversational Artificial Intelligence Solutions existing which may lead you to your goals.
  • But in addition to the pure technology, the selection of the implementation partner should take into account that they are also familiar with your industry and the daily challenges that your employees face.
  • apsolut combines expertise in developing technologies such as CAI with in-depth process knowledge in the area of eProcurement. We know exactly which technologies to use at which points to optimize a running system.
  • We do not invent new processes for this purpose, but rather we optimize the existing ones and preserve the tried and tested.

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Webinar in cooperation with SAP: Ensure Compliance with the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG) in your company and your Supply Chain

Learn in this webinar from SAP and apsolut how you can map the requirements of the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG) with SAP solutions and integrate them into your existing procurement processes. Get exclusive insights into planned solution scenarios and into the experiences of the household appliance manufacturer Vorwerk, which is currently in the process of implementing a solution to meet the LkSG requirements.

Language: English

2023-01-24 Online

Webinar in cooperation with SAP: Ensure Compliance with the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG) in your company and your Supply Chain


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