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apsolut successfully connects the SAP SRM system of Robert Bosch GmbH with an external cloud system

apsolut shines with technical expertise and as a provider of ideas

Bosch's SRM system, links more than 35 ERP backend systems and has around 1,000 purchasers with 60,000 suppliers in 46 countries, all connected to an external cloud system by apsolut. The international team that lead this consisted of apsolut employees from many countries: Germany, Spain and China. apsolut implemented numerous interfaces and web services and the on premise based SRM system communicated with the cloud components in real time.

In addition, apsolut has optimized numerous shopping cart and workflow processes; these for example included SAPUI5 solution modules, with functionality such as an autocomplete search and the integrating of a project planning system. The global HR processes now integrated into automatic approver determination and the numerous performance problems have all been resolved.

Bruno Streitenberger, Project Manager at Bosch, was very satisfied after go-live, he stated, "After the on-boarding in July 2016, apsolut not only familiarized themselves with our system landscape in a very short time, but also provided intelligent impulses and ideas throughout the entire project. Thanks to the well-structured project approach of the apsolut team, we have implemented some highly complex future topics".

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