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"SAP Ariba Is Also Affordable For SMEs"

Electronic supplier networking for SMEs? As recent studies show, this is still a dead loss for most of them. A solution, specially tailored and bundled from SAP Ariba, can help to fill existing gaps.

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"Options For Digital Purchasing: Cloud, On-Premise Or Hybrid?"

The digital transformation will change economic and social conditions as much as the industrial revolution. SAP-based purchasing also faces a massive transformation.

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“SAP Fiori Makes Purchasing Mobile”

Technik + Einkauf 11/2016

User-friendliness and flexibility are just two of many benefits offered by the SAP Fiori Apps. As well as overall faster processes and lower costs, orders can also be made more quickly and simply, wherever you are. Find out more about the countless benefits and wide range of uses offered by SAP Fiori Apps.

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“SAP Fiori – Purchasing Goes Mobile”

BIP - Best in Procurement 11/2016

SAP Fiori Apps not only allow you to submit orders more quickly and simply, they also give you access to all required SAP functions at any time, wherever you are. The new intuitive user interfaces offer more flexibility and mobility, meaning you can also be more productive while mobile, saving plenty of work time. Find out detailed information about the product, as well as how you can benefit from faster processes and noticeably lower costs.

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“On the Path to an Effective Supplier Management”

Wer-Liefert-Was 06/2016

The company apsolut talks about the SAP Supplier Lifecycle Management in mid-sized businesses in the B2B Magazine and explains, among other things, the important role of properly working master-data management as well as the advantages of the on-premise and cloud solution.

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“The Strategy is Decisive “

E3-Magazin 06/2016

Thomas Herbst and Tim Kollmeier, Managing Directors and founders of the apsolut GmbH, report to the E-3 Magazine about the increase of purchasing successes with the strategic supplier management.


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"SAP SRM implemetation at s.Oliver - Purchasing by Self-Service"

E3-Magazin 11/2015

SAP SRM 7.03 was newly implemented at s.Oliver GmbH & Co KG, with expert support from apsolut. The introduction of Single Sign-Ons, as well as the connection between the SAP HR system and SAP SRM, mean that considerable time and effort can be saved in the future. apsolut’s catalogue solutions are also improving Maverick Buying Quotas at s.Oliver, as complex orders can now be made more quickly and easily.

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‘Amazon for Business: Purchasing on a Global Scale with the SAP Ariba Cloud Platform’

Technology and Purchasing October 05/2015


The SAP Ariba cloud platform offers many benefits: companies now have the opportunity to link with all international business partners and are no longer restricted to using the supplier’s own portal. Projects have shown that introducing SAP Ariba requires minimal effort and the solutions can be seamlessly integrated into existing SAP ERP and SAP SRM processes. As well as SAP Ariba, SAP HANA, which hugely improves data exchange speed, is also taking on a more and more important role. The hybrid use of SAP Ariba with the SAP landscape is one of the most popular Purchasing trends.

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"Networks announced" - Interview with Tim Kollmeier and Thomas Herbst

E-3 Magazin 06/2015


To mark apsolut's 10-year anniversary, the company's focus is being placed on the network's needs in SAP-based procurement. By combining SAP Ariba with the On-Premise procurement solutions from SAP, the company can combine the respective strengths in the hybrid model and thus eradicate any security concerns. apsolut is on track for future growth, with its main focuses on SAP Ariba, SAP SRM for direct material scenarios and mobility.

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Modernised SAP Supplier Relationship Management within Atlas Elektronik GmbH - SAP SRM update as a Security Policy

Technik + Einkauf Nov. edition 06/2014


The optimisation of procurement processes is a key tool in enabling a company to successfully position itself within global markets. Atlas made use of the project in order to take into account the increased security requirements related to the procurement of highly-sensitive materials and services. This upgrade was also supported by apsolut.


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Transparency is supreme imperative – Reemtsma modernizes purchase organization with SAP SRM 7.0

Technik+Einkauf 02/2013


Transparency regarding the contact with business partners is considered one of Reemtsma's most important principles. With the implementation of new purchasing processes based on SAP Supplier Relationship Management 7.0 (SAP SRM 7.0) Germany's second biggest tobacco company consequently follows this principle also when purchasing indirect materials.


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Position of purchase significantly strengthened

eSolutions Report 2013


Seeking a global purchase solution, Roche Diagnostics opted for SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM) and the apsolut corporation, a company focusing on electronic purchasing processes and a longtime SAP implementation partner.


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Company-wide purchase

e-3 Magazin 10/2012


Continental is preparing its company-wide purchase for the future: A SAP Supplier Relationship Management Project (SRM) on a large scale ensures that the central SAP-purchase platform is technically up-to-date.


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The Power of integrated purchase processes

Beschaffung aktuell 02/2012


The integration of different manufacturing stages is a central factor of success for Stora Enso – from the own forest holding to the production of packaging materials. Now the finish wood and paper company also places emphasis on world-wide integration by using the latest version of SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM 7.0) and thus replacing the existent heterogeneous system landscape.


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“E-3 Magazin” (issue Dec 11/Jan 12)

Press release, December 2011


Best-practice solutions enable a more practical implementation of SAP SRM at a reduced cost. The solution modules roughly mapped out below are based on the SAP SRM standard, and can easily be integrated into existing SAP SRM systems.


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IT Director (issue 12/2011)

Press release, December 2011


For Stora Enso, the corporate group that specializes in wood and paper products, integration is essential to its global purchasing processes. For this reason, the company has replaced its existing heterogeneous system landscape with the latest version of SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM 7.0)


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"Banken & Sparkassen"

Press release, March 2011


A modernization project at ”Finanz Informatik” has resulted in a faster and more transparent purchasing process. Following the merger between “Sparkassen Informatik” und “FinanzIT”, the IT service provider applied new processes and SAP systems to bring its purchasing organization up-to-speed. The project is supported by apsolut, the SAP consulting experts.


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“Wirtschaftsinformatik und Management” (issue 1/2011)

Press release, January 2011


More and more purchasing departments are in the process of evolving from departments devoted solely to procurement into value drivers with a clear focus on strategic tasks. Meanwhile, operational requirements procurement is increasingly being “outsourced” to business departments. These trends demand IT systems support and, above all, appropriate processes for successful implementation ...


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