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RFXs and auctions

Electronic RFXs and reverse auctions are becoming increasingly popular. They allow companies to reduce their material and process costs as well as fully exploit all opportunities associated with the relevant procurement market, for instance, by comparing prices and identifying new suppliers. Auditcompliant, electronic support for the entire procurement process is also achieved through the automation of RFXs – without any media incompatibility problems. Electronic RFXs increase the transparency of supplier relationships and help to strategically control purchasing processes.

RFX platforms, such as SAP Bidding Engine, SAP Sourcing and SAP Ariba Sourcing and SAP Ariba Discovery enable companies to map the entire electronic RFX process and live auctions. We support you also in the selection of the optimal SAP-/SAP Ariba-product.

SAP Bidding Engine, which is part of the SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM) solution, integrates seamlessly into the purchasing processes and SAP ERP-landscape. SAP Bidding Engine includes functions such as:

  • Transfer of requirements from SAP ERP/SAP SRM
  • Approval
  • RFXs/requests for quotation
  • Purchase order or contract creation
  • Electronic tenders from suppliers
  • Quotation comparison and negotiation

SAP Sourcing focuses purely on strategic purchasing and offers a similar scope of functions to SAP Bidding Engine. It also includes other useful functions, such as project management, supplier management, and contract management. Data from existing back-end systems can also be transferred for use in SAP Sourcing.

Our services

Regardless of whether you want to use SAP Ariba cloud solutions, like to work with SAP on premise solutions, or if you prefer to work with a combination of both (hybrid). apsolut supports you with the implementation and seamlessly integrates the solution into your existing strategy, process, and IT environment using best practices. We also apply tried-and-tested change management measures in the process.


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