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Catalog Management

Electronic catalogs and product information systems really come into their own when used for the procurement of indirect goods, as most processes for indirect procurement are cumbersome and generate high process costs.

They allow users to access structured product data quickly and efficiently, compare this with the characteristics and prices of other products, and order the required item directly from the provider.

Product catalogs are therefore used primarily in online shops, SAP ERP and e-procurement systems, and on supplier websites.

You need a catalog and content management system to manage electronic product catalogs. This involves using search engines to provide users with an overview of the products they are looking for in just a few clicks. You need other modules for checking and approving the product catalogs transmitted by the supplier.

SAP Master data management (MDM) ensures that the associated catalog data, such as materials, suppliers, material groups, and classification standards, is always consistent, accurate, and up-to-date.

Our services

apsolut assists you in the selection and implementation of suitable electronic catalogs, as well as a content management system, the SAP MDM tool, the SAP Ariba Procurement catalog and also helps with the preparation of the SAP MDM data in the SAP SRM environment. Alternatively, we handle the content management for you in your catalog solution, or provide SRM MDM catalogs, or the SAP Ariba PunchOut catalog to you as an ASP solution.


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