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Service Procurement

When it comes to the procurement of services there is often still a feeling of uncertainty amongst SAP-users. It is undisputed, however, that there is enormous saving potential especially in the procurement of services. apsolut has already successfully implemented numerous projects which focused on the procurement of (construction) services.

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Efficiently use services with SAP – You aren’t using services yet? We will also support you in introducing service processes.

In many ways, procuring services differs from the procurement of materials. Planning and receipt of materials is easier to plan, for example, than that of services. Accepting services usually requires a professional and commercial process. For compliance reasons, the two-man rule should always be followed. Ordering services as (free text) material offers this option only in a limited way. Reporting via external workers (consultants, temporary- and contract workers) is only sensibly feasible with the application of services.

The top choice in service procurement is acquiring construction services

The joint committee for electronics in construction has designed an exchange format for construction services. In order to make these GAEB files usable throughout the entire SAP-process, apsolut has developed various solutions that allow you to use the GAEB from demand creation through to invoicing as well as exchanging your GAEB files with your supplier.

An X81 file from the planer is read into the purchase requisition. A tender is created in the SAP SRM based on the requisition. The bidder then loads an X84 file with his calculation into the offer. An X86 file is sent with the order.

You want a consistent and holistic process which is fully integrated in the SAP SRM and SAP MM - SRV, uses deep and structured performance folders as well as a portal for communication with your supplier and beyond that which also shows your quantity- and construction invoices (REB – Rules for Electronic Building invoices) and quantity calculations in a user-friendly way and one that uses modern methods for exchanging data?


An overview of your benefits:

  • Significant decrease in workload, compliance and security when ordering and billing services and construction services
  • More transparency: revision-safe documentation of the communication and all processes
  • Increased security through standardised processes
  • Elimination of invoice checks
  • Automated billing: possibility of introducing a credit process

Our services

apsolut designs the service processes for your company in collaboration with you. We help you in optimizing the existing processes and selecting supporting SAP-/SAP Ariba-systems. apsolut has prepared APPs that simplify tendering procedures and performance feedback and integrate quickly and cost-effectively.


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