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Spend Performance Management/Reporting

In the face of ever-rising data volumes, purchasing departments are finding it increasingly difficult
to obtain precise and reliable information to enable effective decision-making.

A systematic procurement reporting remedies this situation by providing you with a complete overview of your direct and indirect expenses, and enabling you to identify savings opportunities as well as reduce supplier risk. Purchasers are always in the picture about the strengths and weaknesses of their suppliers and are in a stronger position when it comes to negotiating supply contracts and conditions.

Here an extract from our reporting portfolio:

Spend analysis: For what (product groups, materials) issued the most? Who (company code, factory, cost center, department) has the highest volume of order?

Vendor rating: Holistic evaluation of suppliers by combining soft facts from questionnaires with hard facts from the SAP® ERP. This knowledge helps to recognise supplier risks, to select the right suppliers for the right products and lays a solid foundation for contract negotiations.

Workflow analysis: Measuring the lead time of the order and finding bottlenecks.

Compliance: Discover what orders to purchase past go (Maverick buying) and whether contracts are used and respected.

With 135 predefined reports, role-based dashboards, and what-if analyses, SAP Spend Performance Management (SAP SPM) is an off-the-shelf solution that maps your purchasing data clearly in flexible reports. We support you in the selection of the optimal SAP-/SAP Ariba-product.


We select the appropriate tool with you and adapt it to your needs. We have expertise in the following tools:

  • SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) as a data pool for analyses
  • SAP BusinessObjects dashboard for management cockpits/dashboards
  • SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence for ad-hoc reporting
  • SAP BusinessObjects Explorer for interactive navigation in the database
  • SAP Crystal Reports for monthly, pixel-perfect reports
  • SAP Spend Performance Management (SAP SPM) as the out-of-the-box reporting
  • SAP Ariba Spend Visibility

With these tools you are not bound to an SAP-system as a data base. With the appropriate ETL tools you bind virtually any operating system to your reporting solution. Are you mobile? No problem! You can use the SAP BusinessObjects Explorer, SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence and SAP Crystal Reports on the iPad and iPhone! By the way: For many SAP SRM reports you do not need SAP BW to achieve excellent results. Get in contact with us!

Our services

apsolut seamlessly integrates SAP Ariba Spend Visibility and SAP SPM into your system landscape. Besides SAP ERP and SAP BW, other databases are compatible with SAP Crystal Reports. Other interfaces are also available in SAP BusinessObjects in addition to web service connections, XML data, portal data, Flash variables and LCDS connections.


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