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Any company that supports customers with the optimization of their operative and strategic purchasing with SAP SRM must demonstrate more than just sound process knowledge. Only the combination of IT and SAP-know-how together with the latest technology will ensure that the SAP SRM-solution provides the best possible support for a company’s procurement organization.

Below are just some of our services and preferred technologies:

SAP NetWeaver:

Provides the technical basis for the service-oriented architecture (SOA) and allows external systems and Internet services, such as information from supplier and customer systems, to be connected efficiently to SAP SRM.

SAP NetWeaver Portal:

Provides users with centralized access to all the systems they need – for instance, the shopping cart of an e-shop in SAP SRM or the associated order in SAP ERP. This simplifies the use of the portal and saves time and money.

SAP Open Catalog Interface:

Is an open and standardized catalog data interface for exchanging data between SAP Enterprise Buyer Professional (SAP EBP) and the e-commerce systems of suppliers.

SAP Adobe Interactive Forms:

Enable you to transfer relevant data from SAP applications to interactive forms, which can be exchanged with other users in PDF format. Improves communication with suppliers.

Application and process-controlled workflows:

Enable you to set up, define, and implement approval processes, for instance for shopping carts, contracts, purchase orders, and goods receipt in SAP SRM.

SAP BusinessObjects:

Is generally considered to be the leading market provider for formatted reporting as well as ad-hoc reporting on the basis of relational data sources. SAP BusinessObjects is based on the tried-and-tested SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise platform that consists of the front-end InfoView, the SAP Central Management Console (SAP CMC), and the CMS as a repository for all SAP BusinessObjects documents.


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