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References by satisfied apsolut customers

Read what some of our customers have to say about our consulting services:

apsolut reference statement: ZOLLERN GmbH & Co. KG


Thanks to apsolut’s expertise, the SAP SRM upgrade with the additional UI5 implementation was completed on time and within the budget. “We are very satisfied with the collaboration with apsolut and the flawless course of the project”, summarises project manager of ZOLLERN Annabell Traub contently.

apsolut reference statement: August Storck KG

August Storck KG

After a successful live roll-out, it’s clear that apsolut GmbH have met challenges with tailor-made solutions. ‘Using SAP SLC, we can now manage our suppliers in a more efficient and targeted way, and view information much more easily in the central supplier portfolio. apsolut was with us all the way to advise us and was able to fulfil our requirements in the best possible way,’ summarised a satisfied Bernd Schnittker, Internal Project Manager for Purchasing at August Storck KG.

apsolut reference statement: Continental AG

Continental AG

After the successful completion of the project, the satisfied project leader Markus Frieske commented on the outcome, “We discovered a specialised SAP- and SAP Ariba-consultant in the apsolut GmbH and at all times profited from their excellent project organisation and the short communication paths. The sourcing project was completed “in time, budget & quality”, so we will continue to collaborate with apsolut in the future.”

apsolut reference statement: s.Oliver


"apsolut supported us in the implementation of SAP-based purchasing solutions with a comprehensive project approach - from planning to project management and coordination, as well as transferring know-how to the users. The introduction of the SAP SRM was part of a larger project, whereby s.Oliver will continue to work with apsolut to optimise business processes in indirect purchasing on a global scale", summarised the Head of Administration, Dr. Filippos Siakavaras.

apsolut reference statement: Krones AG

Krones AG

"We are very satisfied with the expertise of apsolut GmbH and are looking forward to plan an worldwide rollout of projects", says Roland Weinfurtner, Head of eProcurement and Master Data Management at Krones AG.

apsolut reference statement: Roche


"We’re sure we have found a forward-looking platform in the SAP and SAP Ariba network hybrid approach. Working with the apsolut GmbH team was the key to success, professionally as well as functionally. Roche’s wishes were implemented in the best possible way, so that we head into our roll-out with a stable and low-maintenance solution," summarised satisfied Project Manager at Roche, Frank Koss.

apsolut reference statement: MANN + HUMMEL


"Thanks to apsolut's flexibility and excellent knowledge of SAP SRM-products, our old project orders were always successfully transferred on time. As a result of apsolut imparting their expert knowledge to us during the projects, MANN+HUMMEL is today able to manage a large part of its own system administration", says Anita Hägele, SAP SRM Project Manager at MANN+HUMMEL GmbH.

apsolut reference statement: Stora Enso

Stora Enso

"Project implementation was a resounding success. Processes have been simplified and, as a result, the requesters, in particular, see the benefits of the new system, in addition to simplifying the purchasing process. This is the most important factor for comprehensive goal attainment", says Mr. Hr. Jügen Schellewald, Purchasing Manager - Direct Materials at Stora Enso Kabel GmbH & Co. KG.

apsolut reference statement: BERU AG


"The in-depth expert knowledge of apsolut's consultants ensured fast implementation, within budget. apsolut had an ad hoc, dynamic, and flexible approach to our requirements", says Thomas Beurer, Head of SAP-Application Management for Logistics at Beru AG.

apsolut reference statement: Carlsberg Group (Holsten)

Carlsberg Group (Holsten)

"apsolut GmbH helped us to successfully implement the eProcurement project in Germany while at the same time setting the stage for an international rollout. In addition to its extensive expert knowledge, we chose apsolut GmbH for its flexibility and ability to integrate SAP SRM into our existing SAP-landscape, especially SAP MM and SAP PM. Our requirements were fulfilled, in every respect, and as a result, our successful pilot can now be expanded to Germany and other Carlsberg countries", says Anja Tants, SAP SRM Project Manager at the Carlsberg Deutschland Group.

apsolut reference statement: Dura Automotive Body & Glass

Dura Automotive Body & Glass

"During all phases of the project, from concept development to production startup, we knew Tim Kollmeier only as an exceptionally committed project manager. He is extremely knowledgeable of systems engineering and was a great support to us during the analysis, modification, and implementation phases of the internal procurement processes in MRO", says Gaby Hansknecht, SAP SRM Project Manager at Dura Automotive Body & Glass.

apsolut reference statement: Elring Klinger AG

Elring Klinger AG

"Thanks to the competent consultants at apsolut implementing the SAP SRM solution in combination with the Heiler catalog solution, we were able to automate some of our processes, thus freeing up resources for strategic tasks", says Stefanie Brennberger, Project Manager of SAP SRM-implementation at ElringKlinger AG.

apsolut reference statement: Nagel Group

Kraftverkehr Nagel

"We chose apsolut GmbH as our consulting partner after a very thorough vendor selection process. The support provided by the apsolut team both during and after implementation of our SAP SRM-project has proven to us that we made the right choice. apsolut's high level of specialist expertise, process knowledge, and contribution to a pleasant working atmosphere ensured that this project implementation was a complete success", says Thomas Menzel, Purchasing Manager at Kraftverkehr Nagel GmbH & Co. KG.

apsolut reference statement: Lieken Brot- und Backwaren GmbH

Lieken Brot-und Backwaren GmbH

"In the Lieken Group, we introduced an electronic procurement system based on SAP SRM 5.0 and the Heiler components PBC, PSX, and PCM in just a few months. In this project, the main challenges were to achieve a lasting change to conventional working methods and to bundle purchase volumes while at the same time introducing a new system solution. For this purpose, it was necessary to develop an extremely practice-oriented system that quickly convinces users that they can use it to organize their work more easily and quickly in the future. In particular, the excellent expert knowledge, competence, and flexibility of the apsolut team enabled us to successfully achieve our project goal in the shortest possible time", says Margit Pekruhn, Business Development Manager at Lieken Brot-und Backwaren GmbH.


Even though the decision to replace our old eProcurement system with SAP SRM 5.0 was made relatively quickly, apsolut was able to fully satisfy all of our requirements and adhere to our very tight schedule. The flexible and competent employees at apsolut made a lasting impression on us at MAGNA STEYR Fahrzeugtechnik. Implementation of the jointly developed complex concept was very professional and the desired positive effects were achieved during productive operation", says Richard Birnstingl, Supply Chain Management, MAGNA STEYR Fahrzeugtechnik AG & Co KG.

apsolut reference statement: Radeberger Group

Radeberger Gruppe

"apsolut successfully performed a release upgrade to SAP SRM 5.0, largely unnoticed by our users. Implementation of the SAP SRM - MDM catalog for contract mapping was equally smooth. The subsequent integration of Allgäuer Brauhaus into our IT landscape was challenging in the fact that the now more complex approval processes had to be incorporated into the workflow. We were very impressed by the solution proposed, namely the use of the apsolut BADI workflow template. Furthermore, our maintenance requirements were incorporated into the SAP SRM approval process (PReq upload). As a result of the industry-specific knowledge, competence and flexibility of the apsolut team, it was possible to implement our project goals in the shortest possible time", says Cornelia Grub, IT Project Manager for SAP SRM at Radeberger Gruppe KG.

apsolut reference statement: Schaeffler KG

Schaeffler KG

"Thanks to the committed and flexible support shown by Mr. Herbst for the entire duration of the project, it was possible to realize all of the target implementation objectives. The excellent system and process knowledge acquired by many customer implementations was a great support to us when putting new requirements into practice and solving complex problems. For the coming months, we have planned functional enhancements, further rollouts, and a release upgrade to the latest version (SAP® SRM 5.0)", says Norbert Winkler, Head of eBusiness at Schaeffler KG.

apsolut reference statement: Stadtwerke Bielefeld

Stadtwerke Bielefeld

"apsolut, a single-source provider, implemented the SAP®-product SAP® SRM 4.0/SAP® SRM Server 5.0 (EBP) and the Heiler components PBC (incl. Sell-Side), PCM, and PSX for the Stadtwerke Bielefeld group within a short period of time. Our particular requirements for Buy-Side and Sell-Side were fully satisfied in terms of development and software implementation. The project manager, Tim Kollmeier, impressed us greatly with his excellent expertise and his goal-oriented approach in all project phases", says Henry Knollmann, Senior Purchasing Manager at Stadtwerke Bielefeld GmbH.


Successful projects do not depend on the size of the consulting firm, but on the people who oversee the projects. As the project manager responsible for implementing EBP 3.5 with Heiler's PBC, Tim Kollmeier proved to be a competent team player, and was therefore key to successful implementation of the project", says Mr. Jürgen Ehlers, eProcurement Project Manager at Nordzucker AG.


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