BranchWood processing, building materials
ProductsWood-based panels for furniture construction, timber trade, interior fittings, structural timber engineering
Number of employeesca. 2,100
Turnoverca. 700 million Euro
HeadquartersNeumarkt in der Oberpfalz, Germany
  • Need to increase efficiency in existing, partially manual tendering processes
  • Consistency of the purchasing processes had to be ensured
  • Project had to be carried out exclusively remotely and in a very short period of time
  • SAP Ariba Sourcing
  • Integration with SAP ECC via SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway
  • Expansion and improvement of supplier relationships
  • Seamless integration of the new procurement solution into the existing SAP ERP system landscape
  • Options for continuous development of procurement digitisation through SAP Ariba
  • Option to search for new suppliers via SAP Ariba Discovery
Why Apsolut
Why apsolut
  • Convincing combination of technical know-how and process-related understanding
  • Collaboration and high transparency through all project phases as well as characterised by flexibility and agility

Reduction of complexity and error-proneness through tool-supported standardisation of processes in strategic purchasing

With around 2,100 employees at five production sites in Germany, Pfleiderer manufactures high-quality wood-based panels that are used in the furniture industry, flooring, interior design and the construction industry.

Together with the apsolut consultants and SAP Ariba, Pfleiderer made a conscious decision at the start of the project to implement a system that would meet the requirements of the wood processing industry. On the one hand, on-site meetings were excluded from the outset due to the pandemic. On the other hand, a phased go-live was chosen in order to meet the ambitious schedule and achieve maximum efficiency. One after the other, first tenders, then requests for information and finally auctions were activated. Auctions are highly relevant in the timber industry, as they allow maximum savings to be made in the procurement of this raw material. Pfleiderer also uses Ariba for auctions in purchasing.

As part of the improved process architecture, Ariba now automatically sends purchase orders and contracts to the ERP system. RfQ documents are automatically sent from ERP to Ariba. In addition, purchasing info records can be created or updated in the ERP from Ariba.

With apsolut, the project was successfully completed in the shortest possible time without any complications in terms of time and budget - a fact that Frank Unfried, Director Digitalization Purchasing & Indirect Spend at Pfleiderer, was naturally very pleased about:

"With apsolut, we have gained a partner who has implemented our requirements effectively and efficiently in the configuration of Ariba in a practical manner and in a breathtaking amount of time. The customer-oriented approach was one of the main reasons why we also chose apsolut for the implementation of SLP and Contract Management."

Originally, the sourcing licence was to be purchased first and an interface developed for the suppliers. After careful consideration and preliminary conceptual work, Pfleiderer decided on Ariba SLP, which is why the interface included in the standard could be used. This meant that suppliers could be migrated and used in sourcing well before the start of the SLP project.

Due to many adjustments in the inventory solution for wood purchasing, Pfleiderer had decided against integrating the processes in this area right at the start of the project. As the only purchasing department, Wood Purchasing was therefore unable to transfer enquiries from the ERP to Ariba or trigger orders and contracts automatically. Nevertheless, Wood Purchasing can use all the 'stand alone' advantages of Ariba and is the pioneer in the area of auctions! Despite the different requirements for a procurement process in the various departments, it was possible to develop uniform templates that support, standardise and streamline the process.

After the successful go-live, apsolut was commissioned with the implementation of the Ariba modules SLP, SPM and Contracts.


productive tenders in the first month after go-live

Integration of ~100,000 material strains

Implemented tools

SAP Ariba Sourcing
SAP Ariba Sourcing
SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway
SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway

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"A transformation program of this scale needs a strong internal team from Procurement and Internal IT, but of course also experienced and committed external partners. The most important aspect is that everyone then works together with passion and conviction towards the common goal. In addition to the strong know-how of the consulting implementation partner – in our case apsolut – a strong line of communication from the partner to the software supplier SAP is also necessary."

Martin Traxl, Head of Strategy & Digitalization, OMV

"As our experiences with apsolut were so positive across all national companies, we have already doubled the number of monthly support days twice. Thanks to apsolut, we now have the resources we need to implement rollouts in other national companies. At the moment, they are ongoing in Spain, Portugal, Italy, and France.”

Sandra Mancino, Application Consultant, C&A

Success Story

"Although personal contact was very limited due to Corona, a strong team formed during the intensive project phase. The decision-making paths at BITZER and apsolut were always short so that issues could be dealt with promptly and the planned go-live date achieved. The home office was not an obstacle, but also gave us the necessary flexibility for a project of this size.

All team members have done a great job, I have rarely worked so well with a consulting firm!"

Steffen Bauer, Project Manager, BITZER
Success Story

„Every time we came up against an unexpected challenge during the course of the project, apsolut immediately showed up possible options to resolve the issue. We always knew to what extent we had freedom of movement within the constraints of the cloud solution.”

Linna Krasnikov, SCC System Administrator, Kärcher
Success Story

"From the beginning of the project, we have made a remarkable change together with apsolut. The Döhler employees find their way through the easy user interface without any prior knowledge of SAP. As a result, our purchasing department is no longer an operational procurement office, but a team of in-house consultants."

Shibu Palakalodil, Projektleiter SAP Ariba-Implementierung
Success Story

“In addition to the high level of expertise, what impressed me most about the apsolut team was the enormous commitment. We were very well supported throughout all stages and overcame all difficulties together”,

Anne Otto, Business Process Expert, Digital Solutions, JOYNEXT
Success Story

“We knew that this was apsolut’s first project for a health insurance company, but that didn’t matter. Because apsolut always listened to us, understood our requirements and finally delivered solutions. We could design different processes for direct and indirect purchasing. Together we work professionally in state-of-the-art mode.”

Michael Spiess, Chief Procurement Officer, Sanitas Krankenversicherung
Success Story

"apsolut impressed us in our project , particularly because of the open and cooperative partnership. The project team gets on very well with each other. But we were also impressed by the solution-oriented approach and the fast and efficient enablement of our support staff!"

Annette Römer, Project Manager at McKesson Europe
Success Story

‘With its flexible and transparent procedure, apsolut perfectly complemented our own limited personnel resources. Together, we were able to address topics like multi-line items or dependencies with other tools. It’s unbelievable how much knowledge and expertise we were able to gain,’

Regina Krüger-Wendel, Chief Procurement Officer, Atruvia
Success Story

‘We’re on the right track to being able to take full advantage of the potential that this transformation offers, as apsolut not only gives us the expertise that we need, but also has an incredibly agile and committed approach. apsolut no longer feels like an external partner to me, but more like an internal department, with whom I hope we can continue to work well into the future.’

Dr. Bei Mortensen, IT Business Service Owner – SCM & Manufacturing, GEA Group
Success Story

“To be quite honest: I have experienced so many IT projects in the past where the ambitious original goals were eroded bit by bit. But this time, it was different because apsolut worked very systematically and always intervened promptly when something threatened to get out of hand,”

Thomas Henzler, Chief Information Officer, PILLER Blowers & Compressors
Success Story

“With a partner like apsolut, not even a pandemic is able to stop us! When the project started, we were a little skeptical, due to the fact that the project team was unable to meet face-to-face. But we are now delighted to say that all our concerns have proven to be unfounded.“

Chandrashekhar Saldur, AGM - Global Procurement & Projects, ETG Group
Success Story

„apsolut not only guided us through the project with utmost professionalism and a proactive approach – decisive was the fact that apsolut enabled us to operate the new tool independently and to control the next steps ourselves. In addition, thanks to apsolut, we have been able to establish the right network, including with the right contacts at SAP Austria. The project has been an overwhelming success and we have managed to foster an almost friend-to-friend relationship with the apsolut team."

Gerald Goldgruber, Strategic Manager for Process Management and SAP, Frutura
Success Story

“The cooperation with the international apsolut project team from Germany and India was very effective despite the tough schedule. Due to the high degree of standardisation and automation, we were already able to realise potential savings and, in particular reduce process costs.”

Markus Ortlieb, Director Global Procurement, ProMinent GmbH
Success Story

„apsolut not only guided us through the project with the utmost professionalism and a proactive approach – the decisive factor was that apsolut enabled us to operate the new tool independently and to manage the next steps ourselves. apsolut’s employees quickly familiarised themselves with our system and processes, which made it easier for us to achieve the project goals within the given timeframe. I would also like to praise their flexibility in adapting to changes and their flexibility in implementation, with clear communication and excellent project management. We look forward to benefiting from this expertise more often.”

Zinah Matar, Digital Business Development Manager, Juffali Commercial Vehicles
Success Story

"We have never regretted our decision to rely on apsolut as our implementation partner. The preparation, support, and transparent project progress at all times convinced us. We are delighted to have apsolut as our partner for all questions relating to our SAP Ariba tool."

Marcel Krischer, Zentis GmbH & Co. KG
Success Story

"Of course, we are immensely proud of how we implemented this complex transformation together. The always competent and more than punctual execution moved us to initiate a parallel project for partial process innovation in the ongoing project. Actually a no-go, but with apsolut no problem! With this positive experience, it was easy for us to initiate another project, which is currently being implemented. One thing remains to be said: Without the team around Bodo Hempelmann, this journey would definitely have been more difficult!”

Manuel Steffen, Project Officer Source-to-Pay, Evonik Industries
Success Story

"Together with apsolut, we started as a pioneer in Central Procurement and we are very pleased that we were able to reap the first fruits of this pioneering work so early on.”

Stefan Ehrhardt, Head of SAP Governance Purchasing, MAHLE
Success Story

"apsolut led us in a very cooperative and super-competent manner throughout all phases of the project! Above all, the open collaboration between all project members kept motivation high throughout. The project team gets on very well with each other. We were also impressed by the solution-oriented approach and the ability of the entire project team to make quick decisions!"

Hubert Buchsteiner, Group Vice President Purchasing, ZKW Group
Success Story

“We had many specific requirements and together with apsolut we found a solution for each one of them. We used to search for supplier information, now we do find it. We are really very satisfied!”

Tanja Sefrin, Project Manager, KUKA
Success Story

"apsolut has been supporting us in the ope-ration of our SRM system for 10 years. It does not matter whether we report a problem in the production system or want to discuss change requests. We are contacted by apsolut in a timely manner to resolve our concerns or discuss our requirements in detail. apsolut always provides the important piece of securi-ty in the background - if anything goes wrong, they always help quickly and straightforwardly."

Torsten Enseroth, SAP S/4HANA Solution Architect, Friedhelm Loh Group
Success Story

"When selecting our implementation partner, apsolut was able to prevail over internationally active competitors thanks to its excellent understanding of our requirements, openness in partnership, and great flexibility. Thanks to the very good cooperation with the apsolut team, we successfully completed the project and signed a support agreement for future developments."

Julia Graubner, Senior Procurement Project Manager, K+S
Success Story

We were able to roll out Ariba very quickly, because we established a pragmatic and open culture of cooperation with the apsolut team from the very beginning, and we were prepared to systematically align ourselves with the standard“,

Sarah Eve Wiedemann-Geiß, who oversees purchasing and supplier management at Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall
Success Story

"The mix of virtual design discussions, system demonstrations and break-out sessions, supported by best-in-class tools that allowed us to annotate and track tasks and decisions during screen sharing, enabled us to work closely with apsolut even though distances of up to 12,000 kilometres had to be bridged. We were very pleased that both our projects could be successfully implemented with the help of apsolut."

Alina Aftene, Procurement Solutions Specialist, Delivery Hero

“apsolut impressed us in the project work with McKesson above all through the open and cooperative partnership. The project team gets on very well with each other. But we were also impressed by the solution-oriented approach and the fast and efficient enablement of our support staff.”

Annette Römer, Project Manager, McKesson Europe AG
Success Story

"When selecting a partner for our procurement transformation, a high level of technical know-how was of course also important to us. Here, apsolut was able to convince us with best practices from customers of a comparable size. The decisive factor in the end was the experience in change management! Only in this way were we able to introduce a fully-fledged procurement system that is also accepted by all employees."

Göktürk Simsekol, Digital Transformation Director, Flint Group
Success Story

"apsolut demonstrated a high degree of flexibility and commitment during the project. The structured working methods and the dedicated team enabled us to meet the urgently needed go-live deadlines."

Paul Trautmann, Manager Procurement Processes & Projects, Röhm GmbH
Success Story

“For the new Ariba system, wewere able to onboard more than 1,400 users in three national subsidiaries with only little training effort. With regard to our Procurement processes, we have gained significant transparency and control.“

Jane Wanger, Global Procurement Systems & Support bei KSB
Success Story

"With apsolut, we have gained a partner who has implemented our requirements effectively and efficiently in the configuration of Ariba in a practical manner and in a breathtaking amount of time. The customer-oriented approach was one of the main reasons why we also chose apsolut for the implementation of SLP and Contract Management."

Frank Unfried, Director Digitalization Purchasing & Indirect Spend bei Pfleiderer
Success Story

„We were looking for a specific solution that did not exist yet. We didn’t want to compromise. So we looked for the right partner to model a flexible tool so that we could configure the specific processes ourselves. We used our expertise and creativity to make Squando our global supplier management tool.“

Ketylin Morello, Purchasing Strategy and Market Intelligence & Functional Product Owner for Squando, Schaeffler
Success Story

"Being able to design our purchasing processes flexibly, digitally and above all efficiently offers great added value. We will therefore continue to expand our system in the direction of SAP Ariba."

Armin Kaczmarek, Senior Vice President Corporate Purchasing, Vorwerk
Success Story
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