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Mission Statement


Our employees are the key to our success. Their imagination, their personal dedication, and their ability are the pillars of our success. We invest heavily in their education and further training because a high level of education and extremely dedicated employees are key to our groundbreaking quality standards. It is no accident that the apsolut brand stands for innovation, high competence & success - three attributes ensured by the people behind apsolut.


Each of our employees assumes a certain level of responsibility in his or her area, in line with his or her individual skills. Furthermore, you continuously reaffirm the trust that we have placed in you. In turn, we also believe that each one of us bears a responsibility, mainly due to our desire to maintain close contact with our people. We provide good, safe working conditions and take our responsibility for young talent seriously. Several apprentices, working students, trainees young Junior Consultants are continuously in education or involved in further training. They, together with other dedicated colleagues and committed partners, form the basis of our success.

Service Orientation

At apsolut, service orientation is reflected in consistent customer orientation. Our commitment to service is based on a unique service philosophy. We always convey a sense of great appreciation to our customers and a feeling of "being well looked after" to each of our customer contacts. Living this belief and consistently realizing our commitment to service are strong, authentic characteristics that we specifically instill in our employees.

Quality Management

For us, quality means, first and foremost, understanding the needs of our customers. Only by doing so can we develop technological solutions that not only achieve maximum quality, but are also geared towards fulfilling the individual requirements of each of our customers. A uniform, systematic, and process-oriented procedure is used to develop the customer-specific requirement while guidelines and templates clearly regulate processes, responsibilities, and project accountability. We safeguard the excellent quality of our project management by using certified project management experts (PMP®) who observe international standards in line with the guidelines stipulated by the Project Management Institute (PMI), the world's largest project management association. These standards are adopted when taking account of apsolut's specifications and the relevant project scope.

Together with our customers, we define processes that make sense to implement in today's IT environment, in other words, cost-effective processes. Any unfeasible requirements are identified at the concept definition phase, thus preventing subsequent problems during implementation. This is how apsolut can optimize the entire project flow for you, both in terms of time and cost efficiency.

At the core of apsolut's thoughts and actions is the desire to produce first-class, application-oriented development work for our customers, and to link this with professional competence.


At apsolut, "diversity" is not limited to just the relevant work center – it extends to our employees. Diversity among employees fosters innovation in business. For this reason, apsolut endeavors to create a workforce of diverse people and successfully adopt the principle of integration. We are proud of the diversity of our ethnic and cultural origin, which is reflected in our employees. The team concept plays a major role in this regard. Through the "apsolut Coaching & Rotation Program" , we continuously endeavor to tap into the full potential of our employees.

Mutual respect and the protection of others influence all our actions at all professional levels. It is clear to us that the diversity of our employees is the sole reason as to why apsolut can respond intensively to the different needs and wishes of our customers. For apsolut, the core values of reliability, trustworthiness, and integrity are the foundations for our first-class reputation. Our company mission statement is an expression of our commitment against all forms of corruption, unfair competition, and misguidance of customers and partners.

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