Webinar in cooperation with BME: „Young, dynamic, eager to take the offensive - and in a solid structure: the procurement digitalisation of RB Leipzig”

- Central European Time (CET)


Was Gary Lineker right when he said that football is a simple game in which 22 players chase a ball for 90 minutes? The English penalty striker celebrated the highlights of his career in the 1980s. In essence, not much has changed since then. Though today, there are female referees; in general referees are equipped with the shaving foam-like vanishing spray; and the VAR studio (Video Assistant Referee), a sophisticated video technology system has been implemented in Cologne. The game however remains the same: 22 players and 90 minutes.

It is the clubs that have changed radically since Lineker made career. The top players have long since become highly professional companies, with all that comes along with it. That alone may not be extraordinary, but the entire business world has changed a lot since then. However, it is worth taking a closer look at the digitalisation of procurement at RB Leipzig - a football club that has just been promoted to the Bundesliga, Germany's highest football competition, in 2016.

Together with apsolut, RB Leipzig will answer the following questions in this webinar in German language:

  • How can procurement processes and the SAP Ariba setup be designed if there is neither a commodity code structure nor have procurement processes clearly been defined?
  • How flexible does the project team have to be and which key-players must have been clearly defined?
  • What pain points does a football club have in common with companies from the ‘traditional’ industrial sectors?
  • According to RB Leipzig, when has their procurement transformation reached its best performance?


Tommy Griebenow, Head of Procurement & Asset Management, RB Leipzig


Göktürk Simsekol, Associate Partner, apsolut Group







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