SAP S/4HANA Product Sourcing

How apsolut can help you revolutionize direct material purchasing for highly technical products with SAP 

Why SAP S/4HANA Product Sourcing is possible for any industry

Procurement basically always follows a fixed timeline within the framework of higher-level project management. All highly technical products have a product lifecycle and go through the same processes at the meta level.

Even though the products are all different and very individual, the processes in purchasing are very similar in most industrial companies. They usually include product development, sales planning, demand determination, purchase planning, supplier identification, quality control, contract management and support.

This is good news, because it means that you too can use a cloud tool. The basic processes in the tool will align with your requirements. And for industry and company-specific requirements, we can make detailed adjustments.

This is where the new Sourcing Suite for Direct Material Procurement can provide optimal support: SAP S/4HANA Product Sourcing.

Who is SAP S/4HANA Product Sourcing for?

SAP S/4HANA Product Sourcing is particularly suitable for complex, technical products that have a certain product life cycle and are planned and manufactured over a longer period of time. Companies that benefit from the new SAP solution for direct material sourcing are automotive OEMs and sub-suppliers, manufacturers of household appliances, consumer goods and classic OEM manufacturers.

Modern end-to-end designed solutions such as the SAP S/4HANA Product Sourcing solution with procurement and contract function can support here and comprehensively improve the process, namely in the planning and scheduling of procurement projects prior to the product launch - for example, in the context of forward sourcing.

The modules of the SAP S/4HANA Product Sourcing Suite

Supplementary modules of the SAP Product Sourcing Suite for direct material procurement are offered to map a request process without media breaks (end-to-end):

  • Procurement Planning: planning of sourcing activities prior to product launch as well as planning and tracking of procurement projects.
  • Central Contracting: Seamless automatic creation of legal and operational contracts from within the sourcing process
  • Price Re-Negotiation: Mass renegotiation of existing contracts
  • Supplier Quotation Management: Seamless collaboration with internal and external partners

SAP S/4HANA Product Sourcing Suite for Sourcing and Contracts provides customers with a platform to seamlessly collaborate with internal and external partners, shorten time-to-market for new products through shorter sourcing and contract cycles, provide efficient tools to better manage complex pricing requirements for the automotive and discrete manufacturing industries, and find better ways to reduce prices - all in one integrated end-to-end solution.

Your partner for SAP Direct Procurement: apsolut!

We would be happy to present the possibilities and the benefits of the new SAP Product Sourcing Suite that are specific to your company. Let us help you test the possibilities with your specific use cases. As part of a PoC (Proof-of-Concept), you will have the opportunity to try out your future world for strategic procurement processes for direct materials.

We will be happy to present the solution to you by means of initial demos and carry out a target-oriented PoC with your purchasing department.

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