Fast data entry, short processing time, reduced workload in Purchasing

This Copilot is a virtual assistant that supports procurement organisations and users from behind the scenes. More precise, more specific and faster purchase requisitions mean more speed and clarity.

Savings potential for Ariba Buying through the Copilot


Product features for users of SAP Ariba Guided Buying

Master data intelligence

Copilot proposes appropriate master data, including the associated cost centers, material groups, vendors and any existing outline agreements.

Users guided to the appropriate buying channel

Avoid unnecessary free text requisitions with the aid of a background check of catalogues, outline agreements and specific forms. Save money by having your employees guided reliably to the preferred buying channel.

Embedded FAQ

If a requester has a question relating to internal policies, processes or functionalities, they can simply ask Copilot. Copilot will respond in natural language – at any time.
This reduces the workload on purchasing staff and allows requesters to complete their task more quickly.

Free text guidance

Copilot provides assistance to your employees with the creation of meaningful descriptions. This helps vendors to understand what they need to supply.

Continuous policy monitoring

Copilot checks PReq parameters and attachments (e.g., quotations) on the basis of your internal policies and compliance requirements. Are attachments mandatory in certain cases? Do PReqs need to be specific to individual vendors? Are all account assignment objects not permitted in every case?

High-quality and reliable PReq processes benefit all teams

  • Fewer tedious correction tasks
  • Fewer user inquiries to Support
  • Twice as many PReqs processed per buyer
Users in operating department
Users in operating department
  • Responses to questions received immediately
  • Faster entry of purchase requests
  • Shorter throughput time enables faster delivery
IT & Ops
IT & Ops
  • No training expenditure thanks to very high user acceptance
  • Modest maintenance expenditure due to low level of complexity

Get hands-on experience now!

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Copilot is being made available to you by:

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Oliver Zügel Manager, apsolut Products
+49 (0) 521 163909903




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