Design Thinking

Our Design Thinking approach focuses on the creative discovery of needs-based solutions based on understanding, exploring, prototyping and evaluating. The goal is to create designs & concepts for Fiori apps in a way that are aligned with the requirements and habits of the users. In order to create the best possible and most innovative user experience, while at the same time shortening the development process significantly, this process requires close cooperation between us as implementation experts and the end users.

Ideally, the Design Thinking process takes place in the form of several workshops offered by us. We convey a first look & feel of the Fiori User Experience through the workshops, and work out the initial situation and the requirements for the new solution. During next steps, new ideas are generated through teamwork, where first sketches are created. In order to obtain as many innovative approaches as possible and to put the user experience in the foreground, the feasibility of the ideas is not yet evaluated in this phase. Then we implement the initially selected solution as a mockup. The mockup tools used have the advantage that the customer also has access and the possibility to continuously evaluate the outcome. This results in an iterative process in which we can react immediately to the customer's feedback. In this way, the design of an application is shaped until it is accepted by the customer.

New requirements often only arise in the course of a project. Therefore, Design Thinking is usually not completed after one run-through, but accompanies the entire project in several cycles. In addition to the obvious improvement in the end result, the successful implementation of Design Thinking also has a significant impact on the entire project as a significant factor in minimizing the effort required. Time-consuming change requests in the later course of the project are thus significantly minimized.

Effective time saving through Accelerated Prototyping

One variant of Design Thinking is Accelerated Prototyping: In cooperation with the customer, a prototype is developed in a workshop lasting several days, which can be directly evaluated and improved together. This approach makes it possible to visualize ideas more quickly and to develop suitable solution proposals. An evaluation of the possible implementation of the prototype follows. The clear advantage is that the shorter time required to create the prototype results in considerable time savings. The prototype created in the workshop then forms the basis for the customer's decision. The prerequisite for this procedure is the availability of the customer's contact persons during the entire workshop.

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