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What are Solution Management Services?

Our Solution Management Services (SMS) combine classic support with additional aspects that are important to you as a customer. You can select from a range of different topics to create a support service that precisely meets your needs.

The service can be based on classic ticket support, or it can also cover additional fields and areas.

Further support areas might include:

  • Release management
  • Supplier enablement
  • Catalogue enablement & maintenance
  • Competency coaching & enablement
  • Sourcing event support

These services can be easily combined with classic support. Naturally, both service options can also be booked independently of one another. You can choose from three different packages. In addition, you always have the option to create a different, customised package for yourself at any time.

Which pre-defined support packages are already available?

Our service is based on three pre-defined support packages, each with a different focus.

Technical support

Technical support is a classic AMS service with various support levels. The following support options can be included here: Problem Management Small – or Standard Changes Solution Operation & Monitoring Service Delivery Management.

Technical support can be provided on three levels.

  • Level 1 – Service desk
    Our level 1 support is our service desk, which accepts all your tickets. The service desk employees then decide whether they will handle the tickets themselves, or whether the case will be escalated.
  • Level 2
    If the case involves a more significant issue, it will be handed off to level 2 support. Level 2 support focuses on more specific cases and is responsible for resolving incidents in an effort to restore normal operations quickly. The cases are more complex and require more time to process.
  • Level 3
    If level 2 support is unable to handle the case, it will be escalated to level 3 support. Level 3 support consists of developers who can take a deeper look at the system and find the root of more complex problems. In certain cases, we also handle the process of escalating the ticket directly to SAP. A ticket is opened in the Ariba system in such cases. Our support team is also happy to handle communication between you and Ariba in order to make the process easier for you.

Business and user support

In addition to technical support, we offer our customers business and user support. We use release management to introduce you to new, relevant functions. Our aim is to work hand-in-hand with you to refine the system and ensure that you can make the best possible use of your system.

In summary, the following options are available:

  • Service desk release management
  • Competency coaching & enablement
  • Creating coaching concepts, customised training documents and/or how-tos and process descriptions
  • Setting up a support organisation on the customer’s end
  • Service delivery management

Supplier services

With our supplier services, we provide you with support for processes such as onboarding your suppliers, customers and vendors to ensure unrestricted access to the system.

This also includes adding supplier catalogues to the system, carrying out updates and clarifying any potential discrepancies with the catalogue provider. If you’ve booked our sourcing event support, we will support you in drawing up tenders, and we will help your suppliers submit a bid for your tender in Ariba.

In summary, the following options are available:

  • Service desk supplier onboarding/supplier enablement
  • Catalogue enablement & maintenance
  • Sourcing event support
  • Supplier account management
  • Service delivery management

Your best fit

You can select a package from a single service range or assemble multiple packages from different ranges. Whether you are interested in just one package or a mixture of all three, we will be happy to put together the perfect offer for you after an initial consultation.

Example of a customised support package

Your benefits at a glance

Our solution management services offer you numerous benefits.

  • Reduced workload for staff – Your staff can concentrate on critical strategic jobs and focus on other important projects.
  • Availability – Our service is available from Monday to Friday (during our normal business hours). Our defined service and response times ensure that your tickets will be processed within the stated time frames.
  • Flexible contract design – The various support packages allow for flexible pricing and package sizes for the duration of the contract. Your contract can be designed according to your needs.
  • Adaptation – Our service can quickly adapt to your system. We get to know our customers and learn how to work with a range of different issues.
  • Quality – We are able to offer extremely high-quality service thanks to our extensive expertise and our ongoing efforts to develop and improve.

Use case – Simplified version

Who should opt for SMS?

We work across many different industries, with partners from around the world. Our service is aimed at any company that wants to optimise its existing processes and needs support to do so.

You need support? We offer you individual solutions! Write to us and together we will evaluate what we can do for you!

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Your personal apsolut contact

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