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Companies are currently dealing with multiple crises: a global pandemic (COVID), climate change, geopolitical tensions (Ukraine crisis), unstable supply networks, inflation. At the same time, past or current projects are trying to make the whole company “fit for growth” by

  • de-cluttering historically grown process landscapes
  • centralising and cleansing company master data
  • establishing shared competency structures
  • breaking digital ground

Crisis management as well as projects give procurement and supply chain leaders little time to push ahead with their own strategic projects. In addition, the purchasing volume and its complexity have increased significantly faster than the headcount in procurement in the past decades.

Priorities in procurement are changing

While e-invoicing, operational procurement and the first catalogues were the most important process and technology topics when apsolut was founded in 2005, between seven and eight years ago it was strategic sourcing with tender platforms, digital contract management and supplier lifecycle processes.

Today, we are more and more concerned with topics such as integrating procurement strategy into category management, securing supply networks, detecting and minimising risks early on, identifying and harnessing innovations, and attracting and developing talent.

In a nutshell, after more than 3,000 successful procurement and supply chain projects, we know how to automate operational processes and keep the tactical level manageable as spend increases, so that we can focus on strategic issues.

What are Business Transformation Services?

This expertise is bundled in our Business Transformation Services (BTS) along the categories Process, Data, Technology, People. 

We help companies leave behind fragmented, local processes with low governance. We establish smart, cross-functional, collaborative workflows for global category teams, with strong integration of internal and external partners.

We help establish high transparency into purchasing volumes, harness Process Intelligence data, build a solid, cleansed master data base to enrich it with third-party information in real-time.

For our customers, we have been implementing digital solutions such as SAP SRM, Ariba, S/4HANA for Procurement and Supply Chain or Fieldglass since 2005 to lay the foundation for automation and automate processes using our Solution Modules or emerging technologies such as RPA or Conversational AI.

In the midst of all this change, we don't forget people: through business case and benefits tracking, we get senior leadership buy-in and take the workforce with us on the transformation journey. We actively engage the relevant stakeholders through regular communications,  draft manuals and quick reference guides, and conduct trainings to sustainably anchor the change within the company.

What are the benefits of Business Transformation Services?

  • As part of business transformation programs, we assess the maturity level of existing procurement and supply chain organisations using our Next Gen Readiness Assessment, stakeholder interviews and industry benchmarks.
    • In this way, we make process gaps and improvement opportunities visible to our clients and provide them with an assessment of their current situation.
  • We offer a market perspective with insights from over 3,000 procurement and SCM projects.
    • In this way, we give orientation in a complex environment of existing tools, the SAP roadmap and new technologies.
  • We evaluate roles, responsibilities and motivation.
    • In this way, we find out whether employees are driven by the purchasing policy or perceive procurement as a strategic partner with added value.
  • Together with our clients, we quantify the benefits and costs of new initiatives in a business case and define a benefits tracking methodology for the transformation programme.
    • In this way, we convince senior management and enable a continuous monitoring of the benefits and advantages.
  • Together, we design a strategy and a realistic transformation roadmap for next generation procurement and supply chain management, taking into account the four categories People, Processes, Technology and Data.
    • In this way, we ensure that decisions are based on sound data and that people are at the centre of change.
  • With change management as an integral part of our agile design and implementation approach, we accompany the implementation of your procurement and supply chain programs as transformation management consultants, often in team with our technology consultants for holistic IT system implementations.
    • We deliver measurable and sustainable improvements to your procurement and supply chain processes for your future-proof digital workforce.



The idea of „one-and-done“ procurement suite solutions is outdated! But how is it possible to build a fully integrated best-of-breed procurement ecosystem? We present apsolut Fluid. Read more!

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