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Jonas Vomstein
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"Identify Contracts, Secure Resources - Meeting the supply crisis with SAP Ariba and integrated tools"

E-3 Magazine

According to a survey by the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK), 83 of companies in Germany are complaining about supply problems and price increases for raw materials and intermediate products. Many companies have already scaled back their production or even stopped it altogether; the hoped-for economic upswing after Corona seems to have come to a halt.

"Digitalization and Automation of Procurement Processes - OMV Drives Holistic Transformation to Value-based Procurement Strategy"

CHEManager (11/2021)

OMV is a global oil, gas and chemicals group that develops innovative solutions for a circular economy. With consolidated sales of €16.6 billion and a workforce of around 25,000 (incl. Borealis) in 2020, OMV is one of the largest listed industrial companies in Austria.

"E-Mobility Requires Rethinking"


Booming electromobility and the switch to S/4HANA pose major challenges for SAP-based procurement in the automotive industry. The use of S/4HANA Central Procurement (CP) can help to tackle them.

"Supply Bottlenecks: Danger Recognized, Danger Averted"

MM Logistik

After Corona, companies in Germany can expect a strong recovery - assuming they master the growing supply bottlenecks. Modern e-procurement solutions help them to do so. They create the necessary transparency to identify impending risks at an early stage and quickly avert or compensate for them.

"Sustainability in Purchasing: Trust is Good - Control Is Better"

BIP - Best in Procurement

Sustainable purchasing has long been a must-have in companies. But how can you ensure that a supplier is actually acting in an ecologically and socially responsible manner? To create transparency, apsolut, a specialist in SAP-based procurement, works closely with solution providers such as ClimatePartner.

"Take A Closer Look At Suppliers"

E-3 Magazine

Sustainable profitability starts in procurement. If you want to remain competitive in the future, you need to take a closer look at prospective suppliers regarding sustainability and social issues. Digital tools can help.

"Meeting the VUCA challenge – Taking the right steps now ensures future success"

Industrial Technology

In the world of VUCA – a term to describe volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, the outbreak of Covid-19 has puzzled business assumptions and certain believed paradigms.
The last year has been hard, but the good news is that by adopting effective strategies, every business can emerge stronger and fitter when life returns to normal.

"CAI and RPA Bots for SAP"

E-3 Magazine

With the development of innovative Enterprise Assistants (EA), SAP-based procurement is given central access points to retrieve information from various applications and automate routine tasks.

"SAP Ariba Is Also Affordable For SMEs"

E-3 Magazine

Electronic supplier networking for SMEs? As recent studies show, this is still a dead loss for most of them. A solution, specially tailored and bundled from SAP Ariba, can help to fill existing gaps.

"Options For Digital Purchasing: Cloud, On-Premise Or Hybrid?"

E-3 Magazine

The digital transformation will change economic and social conditions as much as the industrial revolution. SAP-based purchasing also faces a massive transformation.




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